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Connecting Music with Brands

Soundtaxi connects brands with feeling, and rhythm. Leading brands and music supervisors turn to us for original music crafted by some of today’s hottest producers and composers of ad, film and TV music. Anybody can help you get a song. We want to help you find your sound. With countless credits to our name, hear why we’re one of the fastest growing synch music providers on two continents.  

Some of our work

Music Production

We create original music for your production. With a worldwide network of leading composers and producers, we’re here to add the perfect vibe to your production.

Music Search and Licensing

We find the right music for your content and manage the complete licensing process for you. Quick turnaround on all deliverables!

Sonic Branding

We analyze the global market, identifying music trends among your target consumer, and cater to your individual brand identity. 


Original music for your production.

Developing Marketing Strategies

Soundtaxi understands branding with music. From integrated multi-media campaigns, to that prime time spot…we got you. 

Developing Marketing Strategies

We know what your demographic is listening to…


Original music for your production.

Music Scouting

We’re always scouting for upcoming artists and have a habit of landing their music in campaigns major brands worldwide!

Individual and Exclusive Music for your Production

Watch and listen to this movie for Airbus Defence & Space

Independent Movies

Award Winning Independent Film – THE WINGMAN – Garrison Production Inc. Canada

Talent Scouting and Recruiting

We’re always on the lookout for new talent. Contact us to submit!

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Brands, we’ve worked with


News & Media Content Boom

The historic, and often debated U.S. Presidential Election of 2016, news stories with international implications, and social media commentary have sparked a significant increase in the popularity and production of news related content in broadcast and new media. The...
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Acuna Boyz on Soundtaxi

House Legends The Acuna Boyz on Soundtaxi!

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Sync Summit – NYC 2016

We had an incredible time at this year’s Sync Summit – NYC 2016. Mark Frieser did a woderful job assembling the top music supes from film, TV and advertising. Great insights to advancements in existing and upcoming software, and data analysis tools certain to impact...
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Funny things … – Martina und Peter Playmobil Hochzeit

Funny things going on with our music 🙂...
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SoundtaxiMusic Blog – Connecting Music with Brands

Currently we have to recover some data for our older blog posts. We hope the blog section will soon be up to date. Hi guys! We created this blog, to inform you about new artists, music releases and projects created with our artist’s music. Also we will give you...
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Introducing… Music For Advertising

Hello All!  It has been a little while since we’ve given you something new to read…I assure you its because we’ve been busy making calls, making deals…and listening to new music.  Listening to new music, in fact, is the reason for today’s entry.  Most of you reading...
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Advertising & Music Licensing – (Soundtaxi at the Billboard Film & TV Music Conference Pt. 2)

The importance of advertising is certainly not a new concept within the music licensing community. Recently, however, with the help of synch deals, music publishers are supplanting labels as the driving force in the music business, and advertising plays a major role...
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News from the Billboard Film & TV Music Conference Pt. 1

SoundtaxiMusic attended the Billboard Film &amp; Television Music Conference</a> last week in Hollywood (quite appropriately).  We had a few great meetings, and made some wonderful contacts to better serve our producers and composers.  We also came back with...
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